The Flavors of Lappert's

Lappert’s Gourmet Ice Cream Shop in Sun City, CA features world-famous, distinctive, unique, tropical island flavors and flavors from around the world! We are alway​s trying out new creations to delight our guests.

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Just like Walter Lappert, who upon retirement, had a dream of selling ice cream in his favorite place on earth (the Hawaiian Island of Kauai), Jeremy dreamed of owning his own business. Through hard work and determination, that dream became a reality. Jeremy enjoys making his customers happy by offering them one of the highest quality premium ice creams on the market today.

Jeremy understands the struggles and pain in life and has always humbled himself knowing that life can get you down but you yourself can pick it up again. Struggles make us stronger. And there's almost nothing ice cream doesn't make a tiny bit better!

The Star of the Show

Our Dole Whips are a local favorite - try one and it may become yours, too! We have them in the original pineapple - and so many other tasty flavors! Oh, and we make them into floats as well. Let us know what you have a taste for and we'll recommend the perfect item for you!